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InStore Evanston – NOW LIVE! is now live! Support local, shop Evanston.

InStore Evanston – NOW LIVE! is now live! Support local, shop Evanston.

The world’s largest retailer believes shopping has changed forever

‘We’re convinced that most of the behavior change will persist beyond the pandemic.’
Investors got two key pieces of retail data on Tuesday morning.

Early Tuesday, Walmart (WMT) released its third quarter results.

COVID-19 is forcing small stores across Chicago to try online retail, but ‘we’re not Amazon’

Two years ago, Esther Fishman shut down her Lincoln Park-area clothing and gifts shop’s online store. Art Effect’s bricks-and-mortar business was strong, and selling online seemed like more trouble than it was worth. It seemed like the right call until this spring....

COVID-19 will upend retail, but there are steps we can take to save it

Over one-fifth of Americans are directly employed in retail and hospitality, including stores, bars and restaurants, tourism, and entertainment. That’s more than 32 million people working in an industry that’s currently being hammered by widespread closures and...

There won’t be a fall fashion season, which is why it’s more important than ever to shop local

There won’t be a fall fashion season this September. Trends don’t matter: Who needs a new power suit or the latest in back-to-school denim when most of us are working and learning from home? Special occasions are a no go, so glittery holiday frocks and ball gowns are...

Fed Relief Money To Fund Buy Local Ad Campaign

In the run-up to the annual sales tax holiday weekend, Gov. Charlie Baker announced a $2 million ad campaign on Tuesday that will run through the end of the year, encouraging residents to shop, dine out and travel at local stores and destinations. Baker visited the...

A Way Forward for Small Businesses

It will be years before we fully understand the economic impact of the coronavirus, but one thing is painfully clear right now: Small businesses across the country are facing an existential threat. Businesses with fewer than 500 employees account for 48% of American...

How COVID-19 Will Change the Way We Shop

Even before the fallout from COVID-19, when the economy was humming, many retailers were grappling with changing shopper preferences and habits as well as with cutthroat competition. The COVID-19 crisis has only magnified the pressure, with headlines suggesting a...

3 ways the coronavirus is impacting consumers’ shopping behavior

At this point, nearly everyone in the United States has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. A recent survey from Prosper Insights & Analytics found that 71 percent of consumers say they are social distancing, and even more are adjusting their behavior —...

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