For safe home containment of sharps such as insulin syringes, pen needles and lancets. This is a leak-resistant, puncture-resistant container with a snap lock lid. From a worldwide leader in diabetic care, this is a smart yet compact home container to discard of needles safely and securely. This container can hold 70 to 100 insulin syringes or up to 300 pen needles. Home Sharps container For diabetic care For insulin syringes, pen needles and lancets Leaks and puncture-resistant Snap lock lid Indications: Health Concern: Diabetes / Bood Sugar Maintenance WARNING: Do not overfill. Seal container with permanent locking lid when full. Check with your pharmacist to discard properly or follow local trash ordinances where applicable. Keep container out of reach of children. Directions: Instructions: To Discard Used Insulin Syringes and Lancets: Drop used insulin syringes and lancets needle-first into opening closest to edge. To Remove and Discard Used Pen Needles: Do not reshield the needle. Carefully insert pen tip into center opening at a 45-degree angle and push firmly until pen stops. Rotate pen to the left several times while applying continuous forward pressure to loosen pen needle. Needle will fall into container after pen is removed. If pen needle gets caught in opening, use pen to push it into the container. Do not use your fingers or hands. If disposing of pen needles for someone else, please use a mounting bracket. If mounting bracket to a wall make sure instruction label can be seen


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