3 ways the coronavirus is impacting consumers’ shopping behavior

At this point, nearly everyone in the United States has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. A recent survey from Prosper Insights & Analytics found that 71 percent of consumers say they are social distancing, and even more are adjusting their behavior — whether it is shopping less in physical stores, stocking up on groceries and household items, or moving their social lives online — to protect themselves and their families.

Even as steps are taken to reopen the economy, consumers are already anticipating the long-term implications of the pandemic. Three-quarters (74%) say they believe it will have some impact on their lifestyle over the next five years as they consider things like dining out, budgeting and vacations.

To understand how the pandemic is shifting consumers’ outlook and shopping behavior, we looked at data from Prosper Insights & Analytics’ April survey of more than 8,000 consumers and NRF’s own consumer polls and identified three emerging trends.

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