We believe a town, city and county prospers when business is kept nearby.

Establish an online local marketplace for your town! Businesses can list their products and services. You can brand the directory and manage it yourself. Perfect for chambers of commerce, networking groups, government business developers or anyone with an interest in helping their town grow.

We believe local retailers offer superior customer service, greater flexibility and a unique product selection.

InStore helps locals discover your store and products, which will increase sales. Customers seeking a particular product can get information on that product, including availability, price, and specifications, before setting foot in store. This reduces time spent answering questions and leaves retailers with more time for developing relationships with their customers.


Are the small retailers in your town struggling to compete with the large retailers?

More than ever it is important for small retailers to adapt to the needs of their customers.



Add Your Stores

InStore creates an online marketplace where local retailers and businesses in your area can easily be found all together.


Help Your Residents

InStore creates a direct path for website visitors to browse, purchase, ship or request you hold items for pickup at your store.


Promote Your Town

InStore creates a place where municipalities boost their economy using a community branded marketplace.

Helping Local Retailers Sell Online

InStore can help you sell your products to more local shoppers.

Making The Case

Research is available for how local retailers boost a town’s growth and performance. From revenue and taxes to the community and spirit, there is no replaced for improvements that come from a buy local culture.


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